In 1975, Luis Rojas and Associated Engineers was founded as a multidisciplinary consultancy firm. In 2001, as a result of client demand, we started to expand our business in the area of Construction. Currently, because of the success of this branch, we continue to construct various kinds of different projects: houses, condominiums, urbanizations as well as remodeling and restructuring.
Because of the satisfactory results and the significant growth of the construction department of Luis Rojas and Associated Engineers, in 2006 we decided to fund LR Engineers as a parallel consultancy firm, which is dedicated exclusively to the construction business.
In these last years, LR Engineers has been able to integrate a team of competent and committed professionals, which complements seamlessly the team of engineers of Luis Rojas and Associated Engineers. Combining the expertise of both firms, we are able to offer our clients the best service possible.
The experience built up by LR Engineers and the groups of professional that it comprises has permitted us to be part of project developments in areas such as:

a. Construction of buildings for:

a.1-     Housing projects.
a.2-     Commercial projects.
a.3-     Urbanization projects.
a.4-     Condominium projects.
a.5-     Expansion and remodeling projects.

b. Specialized areas of our activities

b.1      Valuation and technical-economic expertise studies of properties, buildings, machinery and construction works.
b.2      Supervision of executed projects through financing.
b.3      Specialized studies in Cost Engineering.
b.4      Specialized studies of programming and planification of infrastructure works and projects

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